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1KillEmbrace - Kainism Advent - Awaiting The Dawn
Algol - The Wisdom Lost Amberdawn - III
An Infinite Dream Sequence - Blood And Betrayal Arcane Grail - Arya Marga
Artemesia - The World Of Black Colors Baptized In Blood - Gutterbound
Beyond The Flesh - Spawned From Flesh and Bone Beyond The Flesh - Third Storm
Bhelliom - The Colossal Tragedy Bibleblack - The Black Swan
Broken Soul - Euphoria Burden Of Life - Ashes Of Existence
Burial Vault - There Is No Resort Centaurus-A - Narcotic
Centaurus-A - Side Effects Expected Colder Than Moon - Freeliar
Conqueror - Fallen Angel Constantinopolis - The Sudden Death

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Welcome on my website's collection of death & black metal albums.
2009-06-05: 2931 albums referred.
If you are interested by an album, informations or trading, please put a message into the contact's section or send me an email here.